Persons of Interest

This is my first blog and, although I always have plenty to say, I wasn’t sure what I would blog about.

So I checked the Internet. A blog on blogging for writers tells me I shouldn’t blog about myself.  I should blog about something useful, helpful, entertaining to the general population.  They suggest food, travel, pets, and current interesting celebrities.

I like to eat, I love to travel and I have a dog, two cats, 13 chickens and a veiled chameleon.  Seems like plenty of material so far.

Current celebrity events.

Uh oh.

Snookie?  That’s another word for… Never mind.

I don’t know how to tweet, I’m not up to date on new music, and I don’t watch much TV.  I never have.

In college, I probably saw every episode of MASH, but those were mostly re-runs by then.  Before that, there were the Waltons and some Little House on the Prairie.  How nerdy is that?

Then, for a long time, nothing.

My husband refers to me as media challenged.  I miss a lot of jokes.   Someone tells a story.  Everyone laughs or nods.  But me.  No, I didn’t see that Seinfeld episode.  Who’s Seinfeld?

I work from home now and I turn on the TV while I’m in the kitchen.  I see a little bit of Judge Mathis (lunch) and little bit of Dr. Phil (afternoon coffee), but not the whole show.  So, I might have a distorted view of celebrity news.  I think Honey Boo Boo did an intervention with Steven Tyler last week, but I’m not sure.  She’s got him wearing pink, but her hair still looks better.

Lately, we’ve been trying some night time TV too. Person of Interest is one I like.  So I’m stealing the title.

I AM going to blog about current, interesting people.  Just not celebrities.

Every-day Persons of Interest.

All of us run into them all the time.    In upcoming posts, I want to introduce you to some of the ones I’ve met.

They don’t have their own reality TV show.  They aren’t on the cover of any magazines.  They are just everyday people living their everyday life.

Sometimes I’ve been lucky enough to get their story.  Sometimes, only part of it. Sometimes it’s just a brief meeting and sometimes, I don’t get any story, only images.

On these occasions, maybe I’m in a hurry or I’m intimidated or embarrassed to ask a stranger what their story is.

My loss.

So, despite the fact I want you on the computer to read my very interesting blog posts and I hope you enjoy my Persons of Interest, I also wish you would get off the computer. Turn off the T.V.  Slow down.  Go out of your comfort zone, and ask the next person of interest you come across what their story is.  Get to know your fellow humans.  The real ones.

You might be surprised how entertaining real life can be.  I am.