Confession of a Favorite’s Hoarder


I like to write.  I think I like to write.  Maybe I only like to think about writing.  You know.

So I get ideas.   I do research.  Sometimes, I take a wheelbarrow load of books out of the library and sometimes I hit the half price book store.  But, (I’m sorta embarrassed to say this) I usually just “Google it” for my information.  It might not be accurate, but writing is mostly about making stuff up anyway, isn’t it?

Some might say Internet research is just another stall tactic.  The floors are all vacuumed and the closets are cleaned.  I clipped the cat’s toenails, cut the grass between the garden pavers with a scissors, and scrubbed the bathtub tiles with a toothbrush.  I guess I can get to that writing now.  Wait.  I have to do some research.  C’mon,  I’m not checking email and looking for Thursday’s garage sales.  I really am looking for things related to my writing.  But then,  I run across something online that gives me another idea. I have to check that out too.  I get worried I might forget the first idea, so I jot a few nonsensical sentences on a scrap of paper or type them in a Word document.  Of course, I save the website the new interesting idea came from in the favorites on my computer.  I’ll get back to it someday.  I’m sure.

Some of this might be Attention Deficit.  I’ve heard it called Monkey Brain. Some of it is the “wire ball” theory of the woman’s brain.  Mark Gungor, a national speaker on marriage and family (and damn funny), says that a woman’s brain is like a ball of wire.  Jumbled up wire.   All the parts are connected, so when one area lights up…look out.   One thing relates to the next the next.    Check him out, especially if you need a good laugh.

I still think Hoarder is the most apt description for my condition.  I just keep stuffing things in the attic of my brain.  On tiny scraps of paper in the car. And, onto my computer favorites list.  How do I ever clean all this junk out?  I dump some on my blog.

To say There’s an odd mixture on this list is an understatement.  It goes from Lunar Apogee to Crab Louis Salad to 30 Things to Stop Doing to Yourself.

Is hoarding links on your favorite’s list on of those things?

I just can’t part with any of them.  I might NEED that information someday.  I’m sure I’ll use it somewhere.  It’s valuable.

So, I confess.  I’m a “favorites hoarder.”  There.  I said it.   Yes, they are a mess.  No, they are not organized into folders.  And the answer to the question- Can I find things?  is… maybe.  If I don’t get lost in the stacks.  Or discover another interesting idea.


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