Rare Bird Sighting – The Florida Husband

I like to birdwatch.  Although I hate to say goodbye to the chickadees and nuthatches at my feeder in Minnesota, it’s a nice change to get back to Florida and see some different species.  Herons, Egrets, Pelicans, and all sorts of shore birds.

Here’s a common one, but one of my favorites, a pelican.  Here’s another beauty.


Now, HERE is a rare one.   Every year I believe them extinct.  But after 1750 miles and a few days of sunshine, there’s a glimpse, then another sighting.  Soon, he’s almost common. If you’re very lucky and keep your eyes open, someday you may spot one of these handsome devils.

Scientific Name: Snowbirdus Floridia

Common Name: Florida Husband

3 o’clock coffee and M&M’s at Delnor Wiggins Beach

Habitat: Boat, beach, lanai in Florida .  Similar creatures glimpsed in California and Montana, even Mexico.  Can range as far north as Minnesota, but alas, he doesn’t last long there.

Diet: Fresh fruit, shrimp, fish tacos, and the occasional cold beer.

Plumage: Pajamas and bathing suit.  In fact, one of his identifying calls is “It’s a good day when you can go from pajamas to a bathing suit and back to pajamas” Or when your bathing suit and your pajamas are the very same shorts.

Identifying features: A happy attitude, a tan, and the ability to sit still-the last one distinguishes him from the more common Northern Husband.  Do not confuse the two.

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