Walking on Water – Jesus and Surfing

I started seeing what looked like surfboards on cars around the neighborhood in Naples a few years ago.  I sort of snickered.  Surfing here?  There usually aren’t waves.

Then I saw someone paddling one of these boards out the pass at “our” beach -Wiggins Pass – and gliding up and down the shoreline.  Hmm.  Somewhat cool.  But I kayak the same area and I get to sit down.    Then I saw the dolphins following the boards and I was really jealous. Confession: I was only pretending to brag about sitting down in the kayak.  I really really doubted I could stand up on a board on the water, let alone paddle one.  I’m not all about balance.

Back in Minnesota last summer, our friends Dave and Cherie England let us try SUP (stand up paddle boards) on a lake.  Dave is executive director of Mnsupa – Minnesota Stand Up Paddleboards Association.  They are a nonprofit that uses paddleboards to clean the garbage out of waterways to preserve them for more paddleboarding.  Cheri races paddleboards.  They were excellent teachers.

And I stood up.  It was SUPer fun!  lol.

Getting ready to make the annual haul to Florida, Rollo thought the gas mileage might be better if the woody wagon wasn’t hauling kayaks.  We decided to leave them home and get some paddle boards.  I was skeptical.

We went to a SUP warehouse to pick some out.  Stability (yes please) versus speed, rockers and rails.  Who knows?  How did I choose?  I got a pretty green one that was on sale.  We bought them from a surfer dude from California who asked us if we were going to surf with them.  I just stared at him.  Huh?  He said “Of course, they are still surfboards.  Are you gonna surf?”

What do they smoke out there in California? I’m almost 50, and not even sure I can stand up on a board.  On land.  Let alone on water.  Sometimes I fall up the steps in my own house.  And I’m gonna surf?

I was only a little worried when we took them to the beach.  In the car on the way to the water, I wondered if the waves at Wiggins Pass were bigger than I thought.  I remembered losing a shoe and a really good hat there after getting hit by a wave.  And I was sitting in a kayak at the time. The worries didn’t last once we hauled the boards into the waves.

And I stood up.  ON THE OCEAN.

There were no worries.  No thoughts.  Just peace and waves and the zone.  And sea turtles and dolphins.

Now I get why Jesus walked on water.  What a view!  What a feeling.  Course I’m not sure if how he walked was the same (being he didnt need a board)  Did he stroll or power walk?  Some sort of slide…maybe like a moonwalk?

And did he surf?  Cause now I’m asking the question “How old is too old to learn to surf?”