Ode to Joy – Abraham Hicks and Leonard Cohen Go to the Animal Shelter

A wise woman recently introduced me to the teachings of Abraham Hicks. I haven’t learned enough about it to discuss it, but when has that stopped me before?  One of the teachings is that the purpose of life is joy.  Really?  Well.  Doesn’t that take a load off?

This wise wonderful woman has helped me.  Alot.  And I think she has had more than her share of grief.  So, if she can still tell me about joy?  I’m listening.

The “Joy concept” has made me smile for weeks and weeks. I remembered it in the pet store in the mall last week.  It’s really not a pet store anymore.  It used to be, but now the Humane Society of Naples uses it as a love-match-making facility.  100% improvement there.  Some of you know I adopted Mr. Siren Bean from this fine place almost two years ago.

Mr. Siren Bean – has his own Facebook page, but he hasn’t written in a long time either.










Rollo (my hubby) was buying tools at Sears, so I wandered  to the Humane Society.  Just killing time not looking for a love-match this time.

Inside, two puppies were wrestling, really going at it- faces full of fierce goofy puppy happiness.


“They look  like trouble” I joked with a gentleman watching them.  He laughed.  One of the pups was a real cutie – brindle spotty guy.  I can be chatty (!) so I wondered aloud what breed they were and the gentleman said “Catahoula Leopard Dog.”

“Oh boy” I said……with no real knowledge (again when has that stopped me)…..”That’s really trouble.”

He laughed again and I moved on.

The gentleman caught up to me asking me if I knew anything about the Catahoula breed.  I confessed I really didn’t, but I had heard they were rather “busy.”  He had been visiting with the brindle puppy in one of the get-to-know-you rooms just before I got there.  Looking more closely at him, he did have a bit of a goofy puppy-love-stuck look on his own face.

We started comparing dog stories as most dog people tend to do.  He told me he lost his last dog not so long ago. Cancer.  He tried everything to save his buddy but in the end had to let him go.  Being a fellow Minnesotan snowbird, he had just arrived back to Florida.  Walking into his condo, greeted by baskets of toys and fancy dog beds, he broke down and cried like a baby.  We’ve all been there.  He had me teary right there in the mall.  He  showed me his dog’s picture; the wallpaper on his phone, of course. I never got this gentleman’s name.  I don’t remember his dog’s name either or even the breed, although he was a handsome guy. (the man was nice looking too)

What I do remember is the look on his dog’s face in that picture.  It was Pure Joy.

I wrote about Pure Joy and dogs two years ago as a tribute to my dog, Zackary.

joyRead Pure Joy

At the time, I said I remembered Zackary every time I saw that look of Pure Joy on a puppies face.  Now I don’t just remember him, but am reminded that he’s here – living right in that Pure Joy.  The pet store gentleman’s dog lives there too.

In that first post, I also said we as humans can’t have the Pure Joy that dogs can.  I’ve changed my opinion on that too.

We can have Pure Joy  if we are brave enough to feel it.

I kidded the guy, saying I thought he’d fallen in love with the puppy and it would be a very Merry Christmas at his house.

The light flickering in that Catahoula puppy’s eyes and the man’s eyes was the same.  Was it hope? Just enough joy to want to take the chance on getting have your heart broken again?  Cause you know it will happen.

The birds they sang
at the break of day
Start again
I heard them say
Don’t dwell on what
has passed away
or what is yet to be…

…Ring the bells that still can ring….

…There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.*

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe the crack in your heart lets in some light.  Then a little air gets in to fan that flickering light.  Maybe the  crack opens enough to let in a puppy that needs you. (or a person)  Maybe then the flicker roars through the cracks in our hearts and bursts into flames of Pure Joy.


Happy Birthday Zackary Hobbin and Merry Christmas to a good man and his new best (Catahoula) friend!

I hope you have many years of Pure Joy together!

*Leonard Cohen/Anthem/edited for my own purposes. I hope he understands.




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