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Communicating with God


If there’s a god, and despite popular belief about me,  I think there is one (or some), we need to talk.

Of course, I’ve heard the term “personal Jesus” and I certainly have a personal relationship with this someone. I’m just not sure what sort of relationship.  I talk to him or her all the time. 

It goes something like this:

Wow. that’s beautiful.

Please help, HELP NOW!

Thank you.  I sometimes get carried away here. It varies by day and depends what’s happening in my life,  but the following might be normal for say, any given Wednesday.

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Now that I’m 50 (ok almost 51),  I can’t multi-task anymore.

Working on a book and making cookies especially do NOT go together.

It goes like this.

Put cookies in oven. Sit down and find “train of thought”. Oven timer rings. Repeat for 3 or 4 batches.

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The Mayer and the Rainmaker

Mayer of Riverland and Issias the Rainmaker

The Mayer of Riverland and Issias the Rainmaker

We got a taste of winter last year, staying up north to remodel the new house.  Till February.  In the worst Minnesota winter ever. Yeah. I know. None of you northerners feel sorry for us.  You still had March.  And April…

If the taste of Minnesota winter was cold, the taste of home remodeling was…bitter.

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