Now that I’m 50 (ok almost 51),  I can’t multi-task anymore.

Working on a book and making cookies especially do NOT go together.

It goes like this.

Put cookies in oven. Sit down and find “train of thought”. Oven timer rings. Repeat for 3 or 4 batches.

Some cookies are a little dark, some are raw, and the train of thought has completely left the station, so I started writing this instead.

I had a different sort of multi-taking situation this morning. I was working earlier (yes it does happen). I was on the phone with our payroll company when Rollo called me outside.

ME: Sorry I have have a snake situation.

PAYROLL LADY: That’s alright your perfectly welcome.
Long pause.
PAYROLL LADY (who obviously can’t multi-task either):  Excuse me, did you say you have a snake situation?

ME: Yes.  Are we finished?

PAYROLL LADY(voice going up about an octave): OMG! Be careful!

She obviously doesn’t know me.  Be careful? Duh.  You need two hands to catch a snake, lady.  I gotta go.

ME: No it’s fine.  I’m pretty sure it’s not poisonous.

PAYROLL LADY: Ok.  Do you have a pencil?  Would you like to take down your case number?


ME: Um.  No.  I have one hand on the phone and one on a snake.  Thanks for your help and goodbye.

Snake examined, identified, photographed and returned to the garden.

Last batch of cookies burnt black while I was sharing this!