Scrub Daddy



Valentine’s Day weekend, un-Valentine’s Day weekend, Rollo’s half-birthday weekend -whatever it’s called – is drawing to a close.

I posted pictures of his gifts on Facebook, but nobody seemed to notice.

Either his Scrub Daddy got lost amidst all those roses or people are mad at me for not loving V-day.


I still think Scrub Daddy is the perfect gift.  The name alone is cool, especially if “Daddy” is doing the dishes – which does happen in Florida, so I have promised not to poke my fingers in his eyes.  (see the photo above).

Plus he’s cute and happy – they both are – Rollo and his Scrub Daddy.

Soft in hot water, firm in cool water, stays fresh for weeks.

My favorite part is the way he cleans the spoons – with his smile!  The only part that worries me is if Rollo gets the idea to just, ya know, clean the spoons with his own smile to save a step.