Full Moon at Walmart

.full moon

-and the post office.

1:24 on a random Tuesday and and there are 15 pissed off seniors in front of me at the post office – being scolded by the manager.  She is trying to explain that the postal workers are, indeed, human and must eat lunch.  The crowd does not agree and they tell her so.  Loudly.

I wasn’t that concerned.  Going postal at the post office?  Perhaps expected.

I started to wonder when I got halfway through Walmart.  There were 5 people in line to open the door at the dairy cooler.  A senior (aren’t we all seniors here in Florida?) in a motorized chair chair asked the woman in front of me (whose “turn” it was) to hand him some half and half from the bottom shelf.  She passed it to me.  I put it in his cart.  The angry mob protested that it was NOT his turn.

At the register, I am again finally second in line when the register quits.  All the registers in Walmart stopped working.  I repeat All. The. Registers. In. Walmart. Stopped.  I think the AC might have quit too.  Or it was just the angst of the crowd that heated things up.

The man ahead of me wanted to take his stuff home and come back later to pay.  He was serious.  He started loading it in his cart.  The woman two behind me announced it was probably a terrorist attack.  Word spread.  She her companions, the group behind them and an old guy in the next lane who spoke no English all fled Walmart.  I think the rest of us where nervous too.

I thought about leaving or starting to sample the candy in front of me, but I hung in.

Can you imagine the scene if it hadn’t come back on?  Rioting? Looting?  People wacking each other with their canes and making off with cartloads of Geritol?

On the way home it dawned on me to check the moon phase. I remember from working in (pet) ER that two days before and two days after the full moon are the the danger zone.

I goggled “full moon at Walmart” and got lots of images I would now like to unsee.   Then I found an astology site.

Sure nuff.  Full Moon on Thursday.  Also our wedding anniversary.  uh oh?


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