My Psychiatrist

I haven’t been myself lately.  I’ve been a bit down, my head feels foggy.  I haven’t written anything in I-don’t-know how long.  Even my very favorite things are starting to seem like work. Busy busy busy.  No fun.

It got worse early this week.  I was confused and…well…a titch crabby.

I must have been confused – I actually read this article on astrology and I don’t believe in astrology.

clink on angry face to read the article

It says Mercury is stalled out (or something like that).  This can cause confusion, frustration, irritation, strange dreams, meltdowns…”and an unrelenting feeling of psychological and physiological heaviness.”

Well. Yes.  That might also explain the two-headed llama wearing bunny ears galloping through my sleep on Tuesday night, but I still don’t believe in astrology.

How could a planet way up there have any effect on me way down here?  It’s ridiculous.  Couldn’t make me angry or frustrated.  Not a F*$#*^% chance that rat b@$^*!& mercury can get to me.  Right?

Upon further reflection, I decided I needed to see my psychiatrist.  I haven’t visited in a long time (apparently way too long).  I didn’t have an appointment and I didn’t think I really had the time for a visit.

I had to try really hard to “put on blinders” and go straight to the office.  I didn’t make the bed, do the dishes, walk the dog, play with the cat, or feed the chickens.

I got an earful about the late breakfast

Or the chicks.

dirty look?

or the other chicks.


I did visit the ducks.   I tried not to notice the plants that needed planting or the weeds needing weeded. I didn’t even get dressed.

I went directly to Dr. Peltier’s in my pajamas.


The office was crowded.  There was a teenage bald eagle with a self esteem problem, geese with a panic disorder, a heartbroken swan, anxious wood ducks, a swallow with an aggression issue, and a bunch of herons who -judging by the screaming – were in need of group therapy.

I don’t even wanna know what this guy’s problem was.


Despite the crowd and the noise, the place was soothing.  There was a light breeze and pretty flowers. I figured out those I thought were patients were really therapists!

I feel better.

I want to go back soon. But, I still hate mercury.  And the llama.