Are We There Yet?



Are we there yet?

I asked Rollo that when we got to about…Fairbault Mn. I will probably ask dozens of times over the next month on the road. Sometimes just to be funny. Sometimes because it seems like we are “nowhere” – in between the “destinations” on our list.

Being a major daydreamer, I am very often guilty of thinking about how great next Saturday will be…you know…the one when I will be looking back on what a good time THIS Saturday was. Oh yeah, man, Springsteen’s glory days. Down at the well tonight…gonna drink my fill. Those were the glory days. We never remember that we puked for the entire next day.

ANYway… I have been planning this trip for months. First it was Taos, down south in New Mexico and then Southern Arizona. Then, Rollo said the magic word to me. CALFORNIA. So I rerouted my itinerary. Let’s get the very best place because then it will be sunny all the time and beer and donuts are free.

I wasn’t expecting to camp in Omaha, Nebraska. Made it to Taos and we WERE finally somewhere and it WAS great. But the weather looked bad for our travels south, so we left a day early. In Albuquerque this morning, the weather channel seemed to say temps will be below 20 degrees for the next week – not ideal for the water tanks on the RV. ¬†And this forecast is for most of the route we planned. So we rerouted again. Head straight west we thought- Sedona, Phoenix, onward to Cali.

Finally, I gave myself a good hard slap. I AM THERE right now. Right where I want to be. Wherever that is.
I want to keep my eyes and ears and mind wide open and maybe my mouth shut. I want to suck up every drop of Omaha Nebraska or, say, being stuck in the snow..(stuck in the NOW) in Edgewood, New Mexico.

Because. Well. Things happen. 200 old cars happened. Can’t pass that up. We are, indeed, camped at some very kind new friends home after viewing the cars. Wouldn’t trade it for Carlsbad or Sedona or anywhere else. The look on my car-boy husband’s face seeing 200 cool old cars? Priceless.

Are we there yet? Yup. These are the glory days.

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