happy campers?


2016 arrived about halfway through our epic roadie. Truth be told, things didnt seem all that epic at that point. Honest. I don’t want to be one of those blogger/facebook folks who make everything look like roses and ice cream all the time…while secretly feeling stabby.
The weather seemed to be against us – we hadn’t had running water in the camper yet. WiFi service was spotty (shriek) and we didnt manage to even stay up till midnight in Phoenix.
Of course, we weren’t at work and we were traveling with our alleged best friends. But still. We were considering escape..cutting the trip short.

At the breakfast buffet on New Years morning in Phoenix (over rubbery eggs) I struck up conversation with a neighboring table of Ohioans. We talked about travels of course. The gentleman told me Mount Rushmore was on his bucket list. He wanted to know if I had been there. Yes. And if I thought it was “worth it”. Um. no. But I didn’t say that. I didn’t say anything right away. I didn’t want to get into why I don’t like Rushmore and I didn’t want to squash this guys dream trip on New Year’s Day.
I figured, being from Ohio, ya know..maybe he had low expectations. But as we talked more about travel I learned his family had been to New Zealand, Antartica, Alaska…big bucket stuff…. and Hawaii.
Hawaii…one of my dream places…esp on this day in the coldishness. After a string of coldish days. So I asked more. Was it worth it?
“I’m pretty sure God lives there” is what he told me.
The epic adventure continued that day. We didn’t bail out or escape that day. We headed for Joshua Tree National Park, but never got past the first visitor center. Not feeling it. Then on to L.A. Although I only saw a small sliver of it (so far) I am quite sure God does not live there. He should visit more though. Maybe things would improve.
We were tired. We didnt even have dinner that night. Rain was predicted for almost the whole week on the coast. Escape plans abounded on arrival to our campsite on the Pacific. Drive the RV back to MN. Drive the RV back to Florida. 40 hours of driving….? please no. Leave it here (as planned) and leave early. Drive it to Idaho and leave with friends. Leave it here and fly to Mexico (my idea) Sell it here in California.
Set it on fire. Perhaps with my best friend and his no-Wifi Ipad inside.
None of that seemed quite right. So we had a nice walk and a nice lunch and saw some seals.  That night,  I woke up at 3 a.m. (usual) really wanting to stay. Negative ions from the ocean must have seeped into my soul and the noise of the OCEAN 50 feet from my pillow chased all the crap out of my head…replacing it with a loud voice (maybe god lives in California) saying SNAP OUT OF IT.
Both of us have had past “travel companions” who were whiney gloomy types. We are NOT those people. We have raincoats. IMO Wifi is not always a good thing, but they have it at coffee shops. And, when the rain comes we will at least have running water.
I’m staying.

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