One. More. Week.

Tired of politics?  Me too.  I tried posting a photo a day on Facebook to blot all the campaign stuff out – cats and dogs and flowers and stuff.   It didn’t really work.  I can’t unsee some of this stuff.

This is the nastiest election ever, we hear.  But, is it really that different from past elections?  Some of the horrible things the candidates are doing and saying…well, they HAVE happened before.

I have no T.V. but every time I turn on the radio someone is YELLING. Wasn’t there a candidate that once “lost the presidency” for screaming?  There was.  I looked it up. There’s a T.V. show called “How to Lose the Presidency?” Maybe I need a T.V. after all.  I watched some episodes on

Here’s that losing scream.


Then there’s Al Gore kissing HIS OWN WIFE. One can only assume she was consenting.


Can you believe there was once an actual sitting president that was a hater?


Nothing else to say.  Godspeed to all of you as we journey through the next week.

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