Getting things done. Or not.

I have been “reminded” twice lately that I am a writer.  Or that I used to be.  It’s been so long since a single word spilled onto paper, I could hardly remember it. Being too busy lazy resistant and ADD to start something fresh, I visited my drafts folder.  I figured I might actually FINISH one of the 85 drafts I have stashed away. I could clean those up and publish them right? Who knows?  Maybe there is something good in there.   Not likely something near as good as Sheri Rowe Langford’s Farm Fresh Forensics, but maybe a stray Harry Potter or Twilight (told you it’d been awhile).

Browsing,  I found one titled Getting things done/Finishing things- which seemed like a good place to start.  The draft was dated Feb 28, 2018.  So that’s not so bad.  It starts out talking about a rug I finally finished.  It is a hook rug and I remember starting it while we were remodeling the house – because I needed something to stab.     It says the rug took 4 years to finish and I see that it took me another 2 months to write about finishing it.  And now here I am almost 18 months later finishing THAT post/writing.  In my defense, I have finished a few other projects since then.  None of them are writing.

The rest of the draft says… well here’s the thing.  I’m not sure what it says or what I meant to say.  Same for most of the other 84 drafts. I have a vague idea on some of them,  but most?  No clue.  The extreme ones appear to be written my someone else and I am concerned for that person’s mental health.

Here are a few highlights

Leonardo – kinda remember he didn’t finish things either.

Fat pants

serial killers

mushrooms and pea crabs

the hour formerly known as 3 am.

I guess my readers – all 3 of them – have THOSE to look forward to in their finished versions.  Or not.

For now. here is the FINISHED rug – December 2017!

finished rug