About Me


ME! in California

I am a daydreamer who is hoping I can spin a few of these dreams into stories.

Favorite things- not inclusive and in no particular order:

Bourbon, beef, border collies, butterflies.

Coffee, cookies,California

My Station wagon


Outdoor activities: kayak bike walk.

Thanks, Mom

Anything that has paws, wings, or gills (except maybe alligators). I credit (or blame) my mother for this one.  She who let me sleep with a raccoon, feed skunks with a baby bottle, and collect snakes in a pillowcase.

I spend the summer in Minnesota where my flower garden is too big to get weeded most of the time, and I only have one tomato plant.  I feed the wild birds and a tame chipmunk.

I spend the winter inFlorida, just few miles from the ocean.

I have been married to the best husband in the universe since 2009. I make him a PBJ sandwich most everyday, hoping he’ll hang around.  As of October 17, the 2012 count was 91 PBJ’s.  And, he’s still here.

We like to travel, meet people, and generally have big adventures.  We’ve rescued a pelican, kayaked with orcas, and eaten the best caramel rolls Montana has to offer. And we just got started.

We live with a border collie ( Nimble Minx) two cats (Helios and Dark Star), Chickens (Number Four and her twelve un-named sisters) and a chameleon (Alice Bernice Littleleaf, whose memoirs might be one of those stories I hope you will want to read.)

Rollo and Nimble Minx

I’m very lucky!  My life is fantastic! And I know it!




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