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Ryle Sullivan dreams of water.  But, are they only dreams? She wakes up with sand in her bed, shells in her hair.  Sometimes worse.

She changes towns and changes jobs, not knowing if she’s running away or running towards something.  She doesn’t know who she is, or even who she wants to be.   She only knows she can’t be away from the water.

Bonny Cove has affected her like no place she’s ever been.  She’s starting to make some friends- two crazy hippies and a lock-picking crow with an attitude. She’s reading the journals of an Irish lighthouse keeper from the early 1900s.  Why is she so drawn to his story?  She’d like to stay, but now she’s started hearing music when there isn’t any.

Her boss is Walter Franklin who owns a marine acoustics research lab. He is a man of science.   He’s poured his whole life into the family business.  It was almost destroyed once, when he was betrayed by his own brother.   Now, he’s finally on the verge of expanding Franklin Labs and getting the rewards he deserves.  No one is going to stop him.  But what’s the cost of his success?

James Franklin goes by the name Dune now.  He’s the total opposite of this brother, Walter.  A musician and a dreamer, he prefers a story to the hard, cold scientific facts.   He’s spent 6 years roaming, trying to forget what happened, what he witnessed the day he stopped believing in magic.  Back home in Bonny Cove,  Ryle has a strange pull over him.  Not only is he attracted to her, but the magic is coming back.  In fact, he is starting to believe she IS the magic.    He knows he can help her see that, but …  He’s not exactly been welcomed home by his big brother.   What is Walter hiding?

Set on the wild coast of California, Dreams of Wings and Water tells the story of what happens when these three lives intersect.

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